Jack Tempchin - Songs


2007 - Night River Records

Writer of "Peacefully Easy Feeling™" does his hit "Smugglers Blues" and nine other brand new songs. People say it sounds like Dire Straits meets the Eagles.

Jack says:

Recording this album was a fantastic adventure. The songs were written in Paris, Dublin, Hawaii, Hollywood and San Diego with co-writers from Detroit, South Carolina, Dublin and Cuba. I spent a year in the studio making up songs and jamming and recording it all just to get "in the mood". Then we got down to business. The album is less like a novel with chapters and more like a book of short stories. All the songs are very different from each other.

I hope you enjoy the journey... I did.

Track List:
  1. Out In the Desert
  2. Something in the Image
  3. Waiting
  4. It Could Have Been You and Me
  5. Ghost in the Night (Dancing in the Moonlight)
  6. Box of Memories
  7. Smuggler's Blues
  8. East of Eden
  9. All the Love
  10. Couch Rider

Live on Highway 101

2002 - Night River Records

One unforgettable night, Jack Tempchin and two brilliant guitarists performed a live acoustic concert that has been sought after by folk fans around the globe ever since. Captured here, for the first time is that very concert. This is REAL music played and sung from the heart with great skill and feeling.

Track List:
  1. Taking Everything Away
  2. Sugar Daddy
  3. Memories of You
  4. Bender
  5. Trust Somebody
  6. Better World
  7. Everybody Needs Love
  8. Late Night TV
  9. San Jose
Jack Tempchin - Songs

Lonely Midnight

1995 - Night River Records

LONELY MIDNIGHT is Blues and Folk, all original material that you have never heard. Jack picked his good friends to play on this album including Bob Glaub on bass (Jackson Browne, Bob Seeger, John Fogerty), Tris Imboden on drums (member of the band Chicago), Greg Leisz on guitar (K.D. Lang) and Steve Wood on keyboards (Kenny Loggins band).

Track List:
  1. They're Taking Everything Away
  2. No Way
  3. Astronaut
  4. Trust Somebody
  5. Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed
  6. Bender
  7. Same Old Thing
  8. Lonely Midnight
  9. My Old Friends
  10. San Jose
Jack Tempchin - Songs

After the Rain

Jack Tempchin and the Seclusions
1993 - Night River Records

Classic folk-rock from a writer for the Eagles, delivering all the grit and heart of the 70's. Jack was helped on this Album by Glenn Frey, David Crosby and J.D. Souther. His longtime band The Seclusions, after playing at the Palamino in L.A. for two years, made this album with him.

Track List:
  1. Blue Flame
  2. After The Rain
  3. Streets of L.A.
  4. The Road I'm On
  5. Slow Dancing
  6. On The Loose
  7. I'm Daddy Now
  8. Just Got to Believe
  9. Big Sky Country
Jack Tempchin - Songs

Staying Home

1991 - Night River Records

My life as a musician was born in the "coffeehouse" scene in California between 1965 and 1972. When I made "STAYING HOME" I wanted to return to acoustic music based around the meaning and power of the songs. This record was made in my garage studio with an adat machine and a few friends. I had written down something Tayo had said and stuck it on the wall: KEEP IT SIMPLE and STAY CLOSE TO THE SOURCE.

John went home for Christmas to visit his family. It was the first time he had gone home in the fifteen years I had known him. I wrote "CHRISTMAS CALLING".

I was thinking about my Dad, and about being a dad, and I wrote "I'm Daddy Now".

Walking on the beach I started writing "Lovers Moon".

I tried to keep it simple and to stay close to the source. There is a time for chasing your dreams around the world and another time for staying in one place and building on what you have and letting your dreams come to you. This was my time for STAYING HOME.

Jack Tempchin - Songs

Jack Tempchin

1978 - Arista Records

Slow Dancing

The Funky Kings
1977 - Arista Records